Creating and Reconciling an Invoice


As an adviser or back office administrator, you may want to create an invoice, Here we explain how to add an invoice, allocate it against a client and reconcile the payment.


To initially create the Invoice which in this example is allocated to an Investment shown below:


A new invoice needs to be allocated  so you create a Transaction/Invoice that you are expecting. This is done on a client page then pressing the Accounts button and Create Transaction as shown below.

In this example the client is invoiced a £100 Client Fee to his Investment account.




As you add all of the expected values, to create the invoice you must select the checkbox ‘Create Invoice’. Now press the green Create Transaction button.

The invoice sent out has 7 days’ notice for the amount of £100 with the invoice reference number. This is entered and should look like this:



Ensuring that you press Add Item and Save when ready, the invoice has now been created.


Once the invoice is created then you must reconcile the payment:                                            

To reconcile a statement manually see the following article:                                                                                                                                                

To reconcile a statement via the upload feature see the following article: Adviser-Cloud-                                                                                                                        

For demonstrative purposes we have uploaded the statement manually for the invoice:


 The Date Paid Field will be the Date Received field on the Transaction.


Ensuring you add the items correctly then the statement will match.

If the statement didn't match then manually allocate the item to the invoice.


The screen below shows Charges where the fee has matched:



It is also displayed it as matched in the Statement Upload section



Now to confirm that the invoice is paid you go to Accounts - Invoicing - View Invoices. As shown below it is displayed as UNPAID:


To confirm its status as paid press View.  


Select Status as Paid.

The following screen will be displayed.


To ensure the process is complete, run the Income Report by going to: Reports then Income Report. We entered the date range of 06/02/2017 and 10/02/2017 to display the payment date.



Here the report displays the invoice as a matched Income value.

Confirming it is in the system.






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