Product Level Reports


Within the People Section of Adviser Cloud the available Reports can be found by clicking on a client’s product and by pressing the Reports button as shown below.

A list will be displayed as below for an Investment Product:

A list will be displayed as below for a Pension Product:

Click the report name to run a required report.

Contact Log Report

The contact log report loads basic client details and an output of the entries of the Contact Log in an easily accessible format.

Portfolio Report

The portfolio report loads basic details of the product as well as an outlook on the Portfolio performance and individual product growth.

Core Fact Find with Review

The fact find report gives an output of all of the clients details entered on the system as well as empty tables for you to fill in whilst doing a Review.

Product Summary Reports

A summary of all products added to a client, this report can be output with or without notes.

Investment/Pension Reports

This report produces some basic details for a product, as well as a list of funds in which the investment/pension has been placed in.

As well as this there are new graphs which show the distribution of the products value across the funds.

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