Client Portal

 To invite a client to their Client Portal then go to the Fact Find section. Press the Invite to Fact Find button and then enter the corresponding details.

Once the Save button is pressed an email will be sent to the clients email address and they will be able to log in. The pin, username and password will be sent to you.


Log into the portal as shown below.


Once inside the Portal, you have the ability to view client details, complete a Fact Find and view any documents shared with the client.


Fact Find

Click Partner to start a Fact find with you your partner or Personal just for yourself.

Visit the Fact Find Article for more information about the Fact Find.

If a Fact Find is already in progress for the client then the following will show, to allow the client to continue where they left off.

Shared Documents

To add shared documents for the client to see go to the documents module on a client.

To share with the client put a document in the shared with client folder:

When an Adviser shares a document with an Adviser, from the Client Portal they can see the document on the home screen like below. Press the blue download button to view the document.


The green button returns to he home screen.

The yellow button allows the user to reset their password.

The red button logs the client out.


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