3. Commission reconciliation - Matched person but not policy

If you have a 'MatchedPersonButNotPolicy' exception in your statement - follow the steps below to rectify.

Adviser Cloud puts all your statements together in a straightforward and easily accessible list that allows further management and processing of those statements.

You will be aware of a Non Matching Reconciliation as the item will be shaded in red and the matched column will display 0 out of 3 matched for example.




What to do if the statement displays MatchedPersonButNotPolicy exception?

1). First check to see if the policy exists within the person record, it may be that the policy has not yet been created.

2). If the product exists within the client record then check to ensure that the policy number is correct.

2). If the policy exists with the correct policy number, check to see if the policy number on the statement is correct and matches the policy number in the product record.


Four Steps to Rectify Policy Number if you have a Non-Matching Reconciliation:

Step 1 - Within the People tab



 Search for the person’s name using the search box at the top or by performing an advanced search


 Once you have found the correct person click the view button next to that person.


Step 2 - Under the Product Summary section below the persons details check that the product is not duplicated or that the policy number has not been duplicated. If you find that there is a duplicate then follow the steps below to change the policy number.

click the blue 'open' button to open the view policy page


Step 3 - On the Product Details page click the ‘Edit’ button within the blue bar found on the far right top of the screen.



Step 4 - Update the policy number in relevant box as shown below.

 Click green Save button on bottom right of the screen


Once the Policy Number has been corrected the next step is to reprocess the statement – see how to do that in the article on Reprocessing a statement here: Reprocessing a Statement

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