Microsoft Word Integration

Getting Started

Integration of Microsoft Word to Adviser Cloud (Letters)

Download Link

Plugins can be downloaded from within the adviser cloud toolbar as shown below or downloaded by the link provided here:


Note: If you'd like further information on how to download the plugins please see our separate plugin article.


Configure the plugin into the Quick Access Bar


Toolbar will have a circle icon - Shown below

How to use within Word once plugin installed:


Step 1 - Save directly from Word to a client’s file

Create or open an Word Document in the programme and simply click file and then use the "save to cloud icon" as shown below.

Step 2 - Search for a client

Then Search for the relevant client within Adviser Cloud to Save the letter/document to.

Step 3 - Choose a folder

Choose an existing client folder, or create a new one to save letter / document to.

Step 4 - Final checks

Ensure you have chosen the correct client and the correct letter / documwnt before you click the green save button.

Completion Box

 You will then be shown a completion box like the one shown below.

Saved to Cloud

 Your Letter / Document is now saved into Adviser Cloud onto the selected client.





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