Nucleus Integration




Setting Up

It is advised to setup logins per adviser as well as having an overall Admin login, the reason for this is so that when we import via Nucleus the client and plan information get allocated to the correct adviser otherwise they will get allocated to the user that is assigned to that Nucleus login on the Nucleus side of things.


Import Client Details and Plans from Nucleus in ONE CLICK™

Login to Adviser Cloud > People Section > Click on the Add Tab > Click 'Live Import (Beta)'

The system supports multiple credentials per Firm this allows for Administration Credentials and Consultant Credentials so Administrators can see all information but Adviser’s can only see their own.



Input information and then press the green “Upload Client” button



The following screen will be displayed.  


To view the status of the request via the “Valuation Engine” until completion (Successfully Imported Financials)



Synchronise Nucleus clients with Adviser Cloud in ONE CLICK™

The sync with Nucleus functionality allows you to do a full valuation of clients that exist with Nucleus and attempt to get their client & plan information as well as performing a full valuation on all the products.

In order to link Adviser Cloud to a Nucleus client, You can go to the “Client Refs” and add the Client Reference associated to this record on Nucleus.



See it work

Search for a client via Advanced Search or the flexi search Bar



Watch the status (Processing)

A successful sync will look like this (Successfully Imported financials)


Clicking the name hyperlink (in blue) will take you to that client’s record, where you can view any new plans or products that have been added.


If a plan has been “Closed” on the Nucleus platform it will appear as “Closed” on the product summary.


Example of product summary after Sync


Valuation Requests and Valuation Reports in ONE CLICK™


How to perform:

Go to People section > Search > Advanced Product search


Select Nucleus from the provider dropdown and click the blue Search button


You will be shown a list - Open a Pension or Investment Product that you wish to value.


Click the Live Valuation button as shown below.



The details of the valuation will appear on the right:


Example of Product Valuation Report

Go to the plan or the product you would like to see a report on and press the red Reports tab and select product valuation report.




Chosen Report will be displayed as below.





Automated Retry System and Integrated Management of Credentials

The deal with some of the day to day management issues within Nucleus, Adviser Cloud allows you to place an unlimited amount of credentials per firm or per adviser so that the system will do retries.

Retries are auto-generating based on the amount of settings setup. These can be setup in the settings section by allocating different credentials with a new RetryID.

An Example is shown below.




Each Setting must be configured per retry allowing the system to use a full range of different URLs and provider settings dependent on the provider access, this also allows you to setup a retry that might use the same credentials but a different URL for example.


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