How to Invite your client to a Fact Find


The Adviser Cloud Fact Find Function

Adviser Cloud boasts a 20 stage modular fact find, which can be customised the way you want it. Fact Find invitations can be emailed to potential customers at the click of a button and your customers can fill in your fact find and see a PDF snapshot, all from their home

Send an Invitation to a client via email

Click to Fact Find Tab to begin



Click the Invite to Fact Find button

The Screen below will be displayed - complete all the relevant information and then click the Green Invite button.



Once the green Invite button has been clicked the following screen will appear showing the Contact Log with details. The client will be sent an email with an invitation to complete a fact find.  


Here is an example of how the email to the client will look:




Working with Fact Find's


Create New

To create a new fact find click the fact find tab along the bottom of the screen then click New Fact Find


Search for a clients current fact find

Use these buttons to search through all the pages of fact finds

Or Search using the client name


View a PDF of a Fact Find

To view a client fact find simply click the view pdf button on the relevant client name within the fact find section of Adviser Cloud.

Continue to complete a Fact Find

 To continue with an in progress fact find - click the blue Continue button


Remove a Fact Find

To Remove a fact find (to Archive) Simply click the red Remove button on the relevant client within the fact find section of Adviser Cloud




Sample of a Fact Find




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