Installing Plugins


How to Install Plugins


To Install Adviser Cloud Plugins down load required link / links from below:


Click Save



 Click Run


Once Download Complete you will be shown a screen like the one below.



Once Downloaded - Configure the plugin into your quick access toolbar - See how below.


Go to File then click Options then Quick Access Toolbar.



Select 'Save to Cloud' and click Add >> button and then OK button.




 Alternatively plugins can be installed Via the settings tab as shown below:


Select required plugin from the menu as shown below.


Click Green Download button

 Follow Download instructions. Make a note of the Firm Key & Password given.


How to Configure API details:

The API settings can be configured by going into the settings section of Adviser Cloud > Plugins > Outlook plugin, here you will find your API key and password as shown below.


Then you will need to go to Outlook and go to the add-ins tab > settings and enter your API key and Password.








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