Reviewing a Client

Adviser Cloud has a generated review process which will allow you to set scheduled reviews for clients. The first thing to consider before setting up a review for a client is to decide on a company service level. This means that you will be able to categorize clients into groups that will have a set frequency in which a review is required to be done.

For example, most companies would have something like this for their Service Levels:


Frequency of Reviews


6 Months


1 Year


2 Years


5 Years


Once you have decided on your service levels please follow the instructions below to do the setup within your Adviser Cloud Portal.


Login to your portal as an administrator and go to the Settings Tab at the bottom of your adviser cloud screen.



2) On the top menu please select "Reminders" and then “People Tasks”,



You will be presented with a screen as below:


 Click the Category you wish to configure i.e. click A and fill in information as required



Click Save, and then repeat steps above from above for all categories  ( A-H) you wish to setup


How to Start the review Process for a Client?


1) Search for required client and bring up client record on the view screen. You will see below that the selected client has not been entered into a review process currently.



2) Click Create Review – this will bring the next screen and request you to enter further information.


Enter date of last review, select service level for client and click calculate button then save button.






Last Review Date

This will allow you to enter the last review date, if known. If the date is unknown and for example it a new client, than please enter the date the client started doing business with yourselves

Client Service Level

You will be required to enter a service level for the client, this is intended to help you keep a flow with a regular review date, the button underneath will automatically calculate the review date based on the frequency you have set in the previous setup

Review Due Date

If you have used the service level and calculated date, then date will automatically appear, this doesn’t mean that is set in stone, this is a due date which will remind you nearer the time, it’s completely over ridable if you choose to override date with a custom one.



 It will take you to the person review screen where you will notice the review section has now been changed to show you what service level the client is in and when the next review is due to take place.



How to edit or complete a review for a Client?


1) Within people section - Search for the client you wish to edit / compete a review for and bring up their record. Click on the blue Edit Review button.


2) Once you have clicked edit you will be presented with the screen below, which allows you to edit the review information i.e. the next review date, the last review date or the Client service level - you can change any of these items and click green Save button.


3) The other option on this screen is to complete the review, this would indicate the adviser has completed review if you check the box to indicate completed you will be shown some more fields to fill in as below:




Actual Review Date

This will allow you to enter the actual review completed date, the next review date will automatically be calculated from this date. Don’t worry if you which to set your own you can do by edit the review once completed

Review Method

This allows you to indicate the review method either telephone, face to face or via letter.


This is a freehand textbox which will allow you to enter anything discuss in review.






4) Once you clicked save it will automatically generate next review from the actual review date entered, if this isn’t correct or you want to enter a manual date please click edit on review panel and update date.


How to Report on Reviews to see who is due?


1) Click the Reports Tab on the bottom of your adviser cloud screen.


2) Click the blue Open button next to People Due for Review Report.


Enter dates ( start & end) and other required information and click blue Download Report button - This will produce you a report to see which clients are due for review, the report is exportable into excel and other formats.














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