Navigating the People Section

Click the People Tab from the menu along the bottom of your screen.


The following screen will be displayed


Add a Person



Choose Single Person / Couple


The following screen will be displayed - complete all sections


Click Add Button


View all People

Leave the search box empty and click grey Search button.


A list of all People will be displayed


Search for a person

Enter the name of the person you wish to search for and click the grey Search button. (You can also search for a person using a Status (i.e. Active) , A Client ID or A Policy number)


Advanced Search

Click the Search Tab and then select how you wish to search




Search for Clients - complete the required fields you wish to search by i.e. date of birth and click search



Search for Policy or Plans - complete the required fields you wish to search by i.e. Status and click search


Search provider database 



Click green Search Button

A list will be displayed as below


View Recent People

To view recently accessed people click the down arrow on the Recent Tab.  


Manage / Edit a Person

You can manage, update and edit client details (Such as Martial Status and Contact Details etc) within the View Person tab. Click grey Edit button (top right) to change details.   

Note the blue edit button shown below will only edit the Notes for that person.


The menu shown below also gives you lots of options for commands/actions for a person such as a letter template, invite to fact find, add task, create invoice and view products for a person.  


Customisation of tabs

You can change the tabs you wish to see within the people section by clicking on blue Cog. (You can choose to show as many or as few as you wish)



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