View and search Companies


Go to the Companies section of adviser cloud by clicking the Companies tab shown below.


Searching for a Company


To search through all Companies leave the Search Companies box blank and then click the submit button.

A List of all companies previously added to the system will be displayed.


To Search for a specific company enter the name in the Search Companies box and then click Submit button  as shown below.


Just the company you typed in the search will be shown.


Viewing a company

To view a chosen company click the blue View button next to the company name.

The Following screen will be displayed. Showing 4 tabs ( View Company, Contact Log, People (Members) and Documents)




Under the Contact Log tab you will be shown any contact logged for this company.

You can also add a new contact log entry here using the green Add button.

Under the People (Members) tab you will see a list of people who are a part of the company. You can also add new people here using the green Add button.




Under the Documents tab you can view all documents that have been uploaded for this company - as shown below. You can also upload new files here or arrange into new folders.


Under the Company Plans tab you can view company plans - see below.



Using the blue Cog shown below you can Configure the Menu as required. (Show, Hide or Reorder the list) Also you can access help on the tabs.







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