To view all documents for a selected person you must first navigate to the documents tab (as shown below) All of the documents and folders for the selected person will appear in this tab, if the selected person is linked to a partner then the partners documents will also appear here. This allows for users to easily view couples documents and folders in one place.




 Organise individual documents using these buttons:


Add New folders and upload new documents using these buttons:



To View a document within a folder - click the folder name (i.e. Compliance - which will be in blue) to view further folders and documents within that folder.


You can upload documents to clients, products, tasks and contact log items - see how below:

Click upload file icon



The following screen will be shown.

Click the select button which will open your documents for you to browse for the file you wish to upload.



choose selected file and click the open button.


Then click the blue Upload button.


You can move a file to the folder of your choice by clicking the Move File button next to the file you wish to move.







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