Product Search

The Product search screen allows for you to search for product plans in the system using a variety of parameter types:

Policy Number (Search for product plans by policy number)

Consultant (Search for product plans and filter by their respective assigned consultants)

Provider (Filter by central provider list in adviser cloud)

Product Type Dropdown (Choose the types of product you would like to search for)

Product Sub-Type (Choose by product sub type, this gets auto populated when selecting from the product type drop-down)

Status (Filter by any of the statuses that are assigned to your product and plans)

Start Date (Filter by plan start dates, this data will need to be populated on the plans)

Maturity Date (Search by product plan maturity dates, useful for mortgages coming to the end of term etc)


From the main menu click the People tab.

 Click the Search tab as shown below and then click Search for policy and plans





 The Following screen will be displayed.

You can then search using a refined search criteria as required. (I.e. choose one or more of the criteria shown above and then click blue Search button)

See example below:


The Results from that search will then be displayed in a list. You can export this list using the blue export button.

Note: Pressing enter will return the search results from this search box. The search button must be used when searching for products.



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