Navigating the Fact Find Section

Adviser Cloud boasts a 20 stage modular fact find, which can be customised the way you want it. Fact Find invitations can be emailed to potential customers at the click of a button where customers can fill in your fact find and see a PDF snapshot, all from their home


Click the Fact Find tab from the menu along the bottom of your screen.



The following screen will be displayed with a list of existing fact finds.



Create a New Fact Find

To create a new fact find: click New Fact Find as shown below


The following screen will be displayed:


Click the button shown below to select a customer:


Search for required person and click the red Choose Selected Person button


Click green Next button.

Complete required / relevant information as shown below:



Once complete click green next button


The Fact Find Progress will be displayed as shown below



Invite a client to a Fact Find


To invite a client to complete a fact find click Invite to Fact Find as shown below

The following screen will be displayed

Complete all required fields and click the green Invite button.

The following screen will appear showing the contact Log with details and the client will be sent an email with an invitation to complete a fact find.  


Search for a client Fact Find

To search for an existing clients fact find simply type the name in the box as shown below and click submit.


A list of possibilities will be displayed.

To view fact find click grey View PDF button

The fact find will be displayed.

Note: If you are unsure of the name of the person required you can leave the search box blank and click Submit - this will give you a list of ALL fact finds that you can then look through.


Resume and unfinished client Fact Find

If you get a blue Continue button rather than a view PDF button it means the fact find isn't compete.

By clicking the continue button you can then complete missing fields.









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