How To: How to Use the Word Plugin

Open the Adviser Cloud Assistant Word Plugin:


You must now login to the plugin using your adviser cloud portal login credentials(The host name is the website address you use to access your client portal e.g. :

From the login screen you will be greeted with the following list:


You will be able to select a default letter template, load your own letter templates or create a new one.

From here you if you press either of the default letters or my letters you will be shown a list of templates, if you select one you will be provided with an option to select a client to populate the template:


If you select a client then you will be able to then save the populated template back to the database:



Finally if you decide to create your own template you can press on the dashboard "Create your own template".

When you press on this you will be then prompted to write your document and place any variables in that you would like e.g. name/title.


All you would then need to do is finish the flow and it will save the template in your templates.


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